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This has nothing to do with your personal ego when showing off how fantastic you are as a cook or a singer while in the kitchen, and nothing to do that skyhooks song about, “some people put their ego in the bottom draw….ego it’s not a dirty...
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THE KITCHEN: Heart & Hub of the House

Thekitchenhas come a long way from the days when it was separated from the rest of the house and its purpose was for cooking only. Nowadays, with the open plan living areas, thekitchencan be the most versatile and busiest room of the home. Themodern kitchenis...
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Accessorise Your Kitchen!

I thought this might be a good topic to talk about this week as there are many accessories available on the market today for new kitchens and kitchen renovations. Some of these accessories are quite expensive and really not that useful, they’re...
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Kitchens For The Budget Conscious

As Sydney kitchen renovation suppliers, we get a few enquiries from clients wanting to renovate their kitchen on a budget. Whether the reason is finances or simply to jazz up a tired old kitchen to sell a home, here are some ideas to help minimise cost...
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A Kitchen Renovation Diary