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Caring For A Timber Kitchen

Exploring the newest home decorating trends is always exciting when you’re planning a new kitchen, but regardless of the latest looks, timber fittings will always remain high on the list of options for kitchen renovators.

Many peopleintegrate their new kitchens with the timber themes of their living or outdoor areas, to create a seamless interior flow. Opting for a timber finish also displays an appreciationfornatural themes,colours and unique grain patterns in cabinetry and bench tops as a stunning central feature.

Installing a modern, streamlined timber kitchen will update any home, while bringing the warm, earthy feeling of nature indoors to enjoy all year round.While timber provides asturdy and dramatic surface that rewards with great function, it will also require additional daily care.


Durability And Maintenance

For a long lifespan, ensure your timber is properly sealed at installation to keep moisture out. Just as with any kitchen surface, certain types of abrasive or hot spills should be cleaned up immediately to prevent staining. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or cleaning pads on timber because they will scratch the finish. If caught quickly, a soft damp cloth for cleaning up most spills is all you’ll need.

By nature timber is porous and it may require oiling from time to time. Linseed oil is good for most types, but check with your kitchen manufacturer for full care and maintenance instructions, which might include annual waxing, depending on the timber.Many people choose timber for the way it ages with wear over time, but it can also be easily patched with wood putty if minor damage occurs.


Timber Cabinet Doors

Timber cupboard doors may need a little extra care and maintenance than laminated and polyurethane surfaces, because dirt, grease, and grime will stick and become difficult to remove over time. Once a week or so, dry-dust the surface of your cabinets with a clean rag and for food and grease-spattered cabinets near the stove, wipe with a clean cotton cloth dipped in lukewarm water and some gentle soap.


Benchtop Care

Timber is a durable material as an attractive and functional benchtop. Sealing the timber on this surfce is essential to keep itresistant to moisture and allow for easier cleaning and good stain-resistance. Minimal maintenance is necessary to keep well-sealed timber benchtops hygienic. The benchtop’s coating will wear down over time, but they only require resealing every two to three years to keep them water-tight and looking like new. This is done by lightly sanding and applying fresh coats of sealant according to instructions or your kitchen supplier’s professional advice.

Many of the same principles for other types of benchtop care also applies to a wood surface. Extreme heat can mark the timber or melt its coating, leaving patches. Take care with the effects of steam from your dishwasher and stove that can damage the seal and leave the wood beneath it vulnerable to moisture damage.


Timber Kitchen Floors

Over time, fine dust acts as sandpaper on polished timber floors when pressed underfoot. Usea soft-bristled broom. A‘dry mop’ (a giant dust cloth on a stick) is a good alternativeto wet-mopping a timber floor and is less time-consuming. Avoid vinegarand similar spills, as the acid can dissolve the glues that hold timber pieces (like parquet flooring) together.

Timberfloors and benchtops get the most use and the most traffic and these should be regularly cleaned and the finish retained to keep the surfaces in good shape. With someattention to regular maintenance, a timber kitchen will keep giving your family pleasure for its soothing ambience and will remain in style for years to come.

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