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French Provincial Kitchens: Elegant, Chic & Unique

Creative Design Kitchens specialise in French provincial kitchens. This quaint and traditional style of kitchen is sure to be a picturesque additio...

Considerations in French Provincial Kitchen Design

Get elaborate

The appeal of French provincial kitchens lies in the fanciful level of detail that sets this style of kitchen apart. There are few straight lines, rarely completely matched cabinetry, furniture and ornaments, and never monochromatic colour schemes in aFrench provincial kitchen. A lovingly crafted French provincial kitchen will add value and whimsical charm to your home.

Combining features

Choose the right combination of features. We have a variety of quaint pattern design doors, including polyurethane, vinyl or hand painted. For a French provincial kitchen, we recommend matching with wrought iron basket weave handles. Glass door cabinets and a mantle are also fantastic features to add into any French provincial kitchen. Choose a stone or feature timber benchtop to complete the look.


French provincial kitchens favour freestanding cabinetry rather than fixed cabinetry. However, if you aren’t willing to have dust collecting behind freestanding hutches and cupboards, you can achieve the same look by keeping your cabinets either low, or stacked rather than having floating cabinets at head height in your French provincial kitchen.

User-friendly design

Choose a “user-friendly” design for your French provincial kitchen. Use large cupboards to make good use of space, and why not make a buffet style area within the kitchen to show off your chinaware and special items?

Colour schemes

Draw inspiration from France’s famous impressionist painters like Cezanne, Monet and Renoir for the colour schemes in your French provincial kitchen. If a colour is found in France’s vibrant, joyful countryside it can be utilised in your kitchen.

Hand painting

If your budget allows, you may want to opt for a hand painted finish. This really complements the lovely shabby chic style of a French provincial kitchen.


Most French provincial kitchens are quite detailed, giving a more traditional look. But don’t be scared to modernise the design by keeping things a little more simple – you’ll achieve what we call a “modern” French provincial kitchen.


Would you like to visualise how a French provincial kitchen with your own special twist would look? Get in touch with Creative Design Kitchens for a no obligation design and quote service.

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