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Simple, Sparkling & Chic Modern Kitchens in Sydney

Looking for a contemporary kitchen in Sydney? Let Creative Design Kitchens create Looking for a contemporary kitchen in Sydney? Let Creative Design Kitchens create stunning modern kitchens in Sydney for you now. We are experts in practical and innovative kitchen designs. We believe that it’s not just a kitchen, it’s the hub of your home, and we want to create something special just for you.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality contemporary kitchens in Sydney with a vast range of kitchen door and benchtop finishes. We also pride ourselves on creating contemporary kitchens in Sydney that don’t look like they’ve come out of a flat-packed box.

Considerations in Sydney Contemporary Kitchen Design

Materials for contemporary kitchens in Sydney

Materials choice for your benchtops, appliances and cabinets is a big part of contemporary kitchen design. Go for utterly smooth materials, like glass and polished metal – though remember that matte polishing is just as popular as having a shine.

For benchtops, marble and granite have seen a boom in popularity along with contemporary kitchen design. If you’re working to a budget, you can ask us about lower cost options as we have a team of cabinet makers in Sydney who can make it possible for you to indulge in a marble benchtop!

For appliances, stainless steel (and if that isn’t possible or preferred, perfectly coordinated all-white or all-black appliances) offer the ultimate in modernism.


In contemporary kitchens, there is a definite preference towards recessed lighting and track lighting. Remember that these styles of lighting can be more power hungry than having a single traditional compact fluorescent globe … though they look much nicer! Ask your contemporary kitchen designer at Creative Design Kitchens about saving electricity with your lighting options.

Keep it simple

Contemporary kitchens are all about clean lines, uncluttered benches and a balanced design.

Functionality and practicality

Drawers are in, so make good use of them by having large pot drawers to store bigger items.


For a streamlined effect, why not choose a handle-less design. This is the new trend in contemporary kitchen designs, both in Sydney and overseas. Paired with a stone benchtop, this is the ultimate in contemporary kitchens right now.

Colour schemes

Often, most Sydney contemporary kitchens are white with white benches, this gives a clean classy look. But don’t be scared to add a dash of colour here and there, it will add vigour and interest to the kitchen making it unique and desirable. Contemporary colour schemes usually incorporate colours from the ‘cool’ end of the spectrum, that is, blacks, greys, blues and greens. Red and yellow are still popular accent colours, but normally appear in contemporary kitchens in Sydney as an accent rather than base colour.

Cabinet styles

Choose a flat design door, preferably in polyurethane or laminate with a stone benchtop to complete the look. Long style bar handles are most popular, frosted glass lift up cabinets are a fantastic feature to add into any Sydney contemporary kitchen.

In keeping with the minimalist, clean and modern design ethic for contemporary kitchens in Sydney, you should make sure you have enough cabinet space (and enough variation in your cabinet space) to ensure that you can put everything away quickly and easily. Clutter spoils the look of a contemporary kitchen very quickly.

Appliances and accessories

Your appliances and accessories should be as minimalist as possible … though this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a boring utilitarian kitchen! Any adornment in contemporary kitchen appliances and accessories should come within the form of the object itself, rather than being added on.

Why not use your eyes to see how your contemporary kitchen could turn out, instead of just your imagination? Contact Creative Design Kitchens for a no-obligation design and quote service today.

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