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We provide quality kitchen renovations, taking your old kitchen space and transforming it into your dream kitchen that is Fun, Fresh & Functional.

Kitchen Remodeling

A New Kitchen… Fresh & Fast with Kitchen Remodeling!

Love the idea of clean, fresh benches, a perfectly working cooktop and oven, fresh benchtops and broken bits … but hate the idea of eating takeout for a week or so while you’re waiting for the new kitchen to be installed? Kitchen remodeling is the solution, and with the expert designers and organisers at Creative Design Kitchens, you can have a just-like-new kitchen much faster … and with the possibility of cutting down costs.

Is kitchen remodeling cheaper than installing a new kitchen?

A kitchen remodel often touted as the cheaper, faster, more sensible solution to a full new kitchen install. However, kitchen remodeling is also a highly variable job, and as such, our quotes are highly variable. As we mentioned, the kitchen remodeling process can also be a little trickier than the clean install. The easy solution is to make use of our obligation-free design and quote service, allowing you to enjoy the services of the right kitchen modelers in Sydney who will meet your specific needs and preferences.

Do I have to organise my own contractors

No, when we partner with you for kitchen remodeling you get access to the same full service as our new kitchen customers do – we utilise a niche selection of quality contractors when necessary.

Why do I hear so many horror stories about kitchen remodeling?

The most prominent reason that you hear so many horror stories about kitchen remodeling is that bad news tends to travel fast! Stories of everything going to plan are far less exciting and tend not to be repeated.

However, there are some approaches to kitchen remodeling that have an innate tendency to cause problems. Here’s a rundown of the problems, and why a kitchen remodel with Creative Design Kitchens is completely different:

  • The result is not what you expected: At Creative Design Kitchens, we offer full 3D previews of how your kitchen remodel will look after completion. We’ll also walk you through how the drawing or model will translate to reality.
  • The kitchen remodelers don’t do what was agreed upon: All our terms and plans are set out in contract form for peace of mind.
  • There were cost blowouts and massive delays: Because our team organises our own selection of contractors needed for a kitchen remodel, the communication issues that can cause cost blowouts and delays are eliminated at Creative Design Kitchens.
  • The deposit was paid and the contractor became uncontactable: This is truly a horror scenario, but is fortunately rare. Creative Design Kitchens is a registered Australian business with an ABN, Builder’s Licence Number and long list of positive testimonials and contactable referees. If you pay a deposit for our services, it is completely secure.
  • Kitchen remodeling with Creative Design Kitchens is a fast, easy and very rewarding experience! Get in touch with us to book a no-obligation design and quote session, and start exploring the hidden potential of the space you already have!
How long does a kitchen remodel take?

The best part about a kitchen makeover is that you can have a complete new look kitchen in as little as a day – yes that’s right, just one day!

We arrive in the morning to remove all of the old doors, panels and benchtops, and install all of the new doors, panels and benchtops on the same day. Our kitchen remodelers strive to give new meaning to the phrase “what a difference a day makes”.

Can I change the layout of my kitchen when I remodel?

To some extent, it is certainly possible to modify your layout when planning a kitchen remodel! There aren’t simply two separate types of kitchen work; the ‘completely new kitchen’ and the ‘refinished kitchen’, there is actually a continuum of replacement/refinishing ranging from throwing everything out and starting again to replacing things as needed, to replacing nothing and simply refinishing everything. Many of our kitchen remodeling jobs at Creative Design Kitchens have incorporated some layout changes … including some innovative products and steps that have worked extremely well, for example:

  • Adding an island workstation
  • Adding a prep area or a dedicated workstation to a benchtop
  • Adding extra cabinets, or removing some unnecessary ones
Is kitchen remodeling easier than installing a new kitchen?

Each task has their own challenges. Kitchen makeovers are a highly specialised field and should only be performed by qualified tradesmen with extensive experience in kitchen remodeling. A kitchen makeover is quite a difficult process compared to installing a complete new kitchen so you should make sure that you speak with the friendly kitchen remodelers at Creative Design Kitchens.

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