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Go With The Flow….in the KITCHEN

There are many ways to layout your kitchen. Whatever layout you decide to choose, it’s important you consider the natural flow of your kitchen.

Well…what do I mean by “flow”?

I am talking about the way you do things in the kitchen and how it’s going to be used, basically looking at the movements from start to finish between the sink, oven, fridge, pantry, drawers, bins and table.

For example, from commencing cooking to having it dished out, something simple as grabbing a bag of potatoes out of the pantry, next finding a colander in a cabinet, washing them, getting a knife from a draw or a specific appliance to cut or chop them up. Obtaining a baking dish, oil, butter from the fridge, herbs and maybe foil to cover the dish and then straight bang into the oven. When they’re ready, putting on a pair of gloves grabbing the dish, positioning the hot dish somewhere close by. Serving out onto plates with cutlery, napkins and a glass of juice to drink. Bon appetite!

Cooking should be fun, easy going, trouble free without bumping into things, or always having to get down on your knees.

Kitchens these days are designed to be functional and to suit your specific requirements. It’s a good thing to look at different stages involved in the use of the kitchen. Starting with groceries, make a note of what sort things you tend to buy and how often.

Are you someone that that buys a lot of packaged goods, if so are they mainly boxed, canned or packaged items to be refrigerated. Do you tend to freeze a lot? I buy a lot of vegetables and fruits and not so much on the packaged goods. Now all these items need to go somewhere.

So now is the time we look at storing things away. I like the internal wire basket draws, they are excellent for storing non perishable fruit and vegetables. If you’re into buying lots of boxed items such as cake mixes and cereals then they are easy to stack away in the pantry.

Next we can move onto preparation, here we start to look at the equipment used and bench space. Benchtop area is crucial here, so how much space do you need and where. If your family loves making lots of cakes and biscuits …… well you’re going to need heaps .I remember my mother used to make homemade biscuits and pastas, she would use every bit of bench space she had available. If you have a lot of cooking equipment and use it often, getting access with ease is also vital.

The sink comes into the picture here, a lot of time is spent around the kitchen sink. Its use is varied with people having different needs when it comes to their kitchen sink. Do you need single bowl or double, you also need to consider if you need a draining area?

Positioning of the microwave, oven, cook top and sink need to be set out closely to each other, making it easy to go from one to the other.

The final stage is serving out, the areas to be looked at are the bench space available for dishing out, and positioning and storing of plates. Breakfast bars are ideal areas for dishing out the family meal. You should also keep in mind the positioning of the dinner table when considering the space required.

Now that we’ve made all of this mess we have to clean it up. It always makes sense to have a bin close by to the sink and the dishwasher. It’s definitely a debatable topic “to have or not to have a bin in the kitchen”, I have to say, I couldn’t live without a bin in my kitchen, it saves having rubbish in the sink or on the bench.

The idea when designing your new kitchen is to create a flow that has functionality and is easy to use so cooking and entertaining is a joy!

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