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How To Bring A Little French Provincial To Your Current Kitchen

If you’re looking to make your kitchen a little bit more unique, while still working with the bones of your current set up, why not consider the French provincial style? French provincial, despite its rather old fashioned name, is an incredibly timeless style that is having a massive resurgence thanks to the rise of classic styles and the everlasting popularity of French style. But if you’re not sure you could handle, or afford, a full kitchen renovation, here are some ways to up the French Provincial style in your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Replace your cabinet doors

The fastest way to update your kitchen, without forking out tens of thousands of dollars, is to change your cabinet doors and counter tops. This way, the essential bare bones of your kitchen remains and you don’t have to go kitchen-free for long periods of time like you might during a renovation. Look for cabinet doors with a rustic feel, usually in white, that incorporate borders into the carvings and old fashioned, metal handles for the most authentic finish.

White, bright, beautiful

If you go through any look book for French provincial style kitchens, you’ll notice the sheer lack of colour, save for some polished wood or occasional wrought iron accents. The French are known for their minimalist style, so it’s no surprise that even their rustic, classic designs still incorporate the same aesthetics. You can easily incorporate more white into your kitchen, by considering everything from a simple paint job to replacing your kitchen stools with paired back, simple white stools with high backs – perfect for lazy Sunday brunches. How chic!

Wrought iron

Often found on the outside of old terrace houses, and very commonly used to create the balconies of apartments across France, wrought iron is having a major come back right now. No longer found only in boutique homewares stores, you should easily be able to come across wrought iron inspired pieces at most high street homewares stores. Think fruit bowls, kitchen stools, recipe book stands and even new handles for your kitchen drawers and cabinets.

Light it up!

One of the most important aspects of French provincial style isn’t something that you can buy in a shop or order online. It’s natural light. French provincial kitchens are always flooded with lots of natural light that creates a welcoming, open atmosphere. While you may be able to knock out some wall space and create a bigger window, this isn’t often possible in many kitchens – especially if they’re positioned in the centre of the house. Instead, why not consider increasing the number of light fittings and opt for light bulbs that create the most natural light. Voila! You’re already one step closer to French-chic.

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