Let there be light : LED LIGHTING for the kitchen

The first form of lighting in the Kichen was the natural flame . That was our long distant ancestors in the cave days sitting around the fire cooking their roast deer or prize duck.

This was the original source of light in the kitchen. The natural flame not only lit up the cave but was used in the kitchen for cooking , creating warmth and kept away dangerous animals.

Fastforward a few thousand years into the future , and you’ll now find there’s is a lot of hoop -pa-la and buzz about led
lighting which is especially fashionable in your new kitchen. So why are so many people considering using LED lights in their kitchen and for under kitchen cabinet lighting verus halogen or fluorescent lighting? What is so
special and different about LED lighting……well , here some of the characteristics and advantages of LED lighting.

LED produces more light per watt over other lighting which produces more heat than light, extra heat is definitely something you don’t want in your kitchen.

LED lighting reaches full capacity brightness faster, allowing you to see better in dark spaces in your new kitchen.

When using LED lighting it requires far less energy . The lifespan of LED almost quadruple’s that of other lighting sources.

LED fitted into kitchen cabinets allows for more storage space.

You can understand why LED is moving fast in the world. LED lighting generally is more expensive than your traditional lighting however these lights will glow brighter and last longer offsetting the extra expense.

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