The kitchen splashback is a topic I’d like to make mention of today. It’s an important finish to any new kitchen and can sometimes be overlooked and understated. I think a classy splashback definitely completes the look of your new kitchen and a bad choice can sometimes leave your otherwise beautiful new kitchen looking boring and uninspiring.

Mirror surfaces are fast becoming popular. When considering splashback materials for your new kitchen, take some time to become familiar with the different looks that are now available. Mirror can make a small area look larger and at the same time can create a “dramatic WOW ” factor.

Along with the standard mirror effect, there is now a Bronze, Silver, Grey (sometimes called Charcoal or Smoke) and Black mirror, yes ….that’s right Black. We have the Silver mirror and also have samples of the other colours available. All are stunning and very versatile, your choice will depend on how dramatic you want your kitchen splashback to look and the choice of your kitchen cabinet and benchtop colours.

Not only is a glass splashback modern, it’s sleek and very easy to clean, which is definitely a bonus in the kitchen.

So the mirror, mirror on the kitchen splashback wall……….may just be the best effect of them all.

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