Multifunctional Kitchens…..The Future Is Here

Welcome to the 21st century, where we all want (or need) to multitask to keep up with today’s demands. We all want to maximise our time and try to design our homes to be as practical and user friendly as possible.

The latest new kitchen design ideas are amazingly fresh and new…….and VERY practical.

Imagine cooking dinner in the evening whilst your kids are doing their homework or assignments close by so that you can help them without having to leave what you’re doing. Nobody wants to be running back and forth from the study, trying to peel vegetables whilst helping with the evening homework, or trying to keep an eye on those teenagers surfing the net instead of completing their set assignments.

Let’s face it, in this era of technology, our kitchens are filled with phones, laptops, tablets and many other forms of technology……but where do you put them.  I know my kids are always sitting at the kitchen bench with their laptop (where I can keep my eye on them), completing their school work, we find the easiest and most convenient place to keep their laptops is in the kitchen, so I have given up one of my kitchen cupboards for them to be stored there for the convenience of having the laptops handy.

I have to admit, if I were renovating my kitchen, one of the must have items on my list would be a designated study nook area consisting of a small desk area for the laptop, a couple of drawers for homework books and pens, an overhead light or desk lamp and a power point so that I no longer need extension leads running over my benchtop to the laptop.

If you are in the process of building a new home or renovating your existing one, why not consider incorporating a study area into your kitchen design. Not only is this a great way to be able to multitask, but it also gives you plenty of extra bench space which can be used when entertaining or can double as a dining area.  Below are some examples of different study/office desk designs incorporated into the kitchen design.

Office area within kitchenA small office area within the kitchen taking up little space, but can also have multiple uses
Office desk within kitchenEven when you think there is no room, you can still manage to fit in a tiny little study nook taking up very little space

Modern office space within kitchenA modern office space within the kitchen area
Office desk within kitchenHere you can see a little study nook within the kitchen taking up very little space

Kitchen with lowered benchA lowered bench to use as a study area within kitchen and can even double as a dining area
Study area within kitchenAn extended kitchen bench to use as a study area and great for entertaining

Study area in kitchenHere is a small study space within the kitchen area
Office area within kitchenA generous study nook extneding from the kitchen

Office Desk within kitchen areaThis shows a seperate office area still within the kitchen
Office Desk in Kitchen

An extension of the kitchen to include a small study area

If you’d like Creative Design Kitchens to give you a free design and quote on a stunning and practical new kitchen with a combined study nook call us on 1300 027 337.

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