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Small Kitchens Are The New Black

Anyone who is a keen cook, baker or entertainer; dreams of having a large, open plan kitchen with an island and ample storage for all their gadgets. However, with an increasing number of people living in smaller houses or apartments, kitchens are getting smaller. Cramped spaces often mean minimal bench space, smaller ovens and a downsized refrigerator if you just accept what is there when you move in.

Arguably, the kitchen is the centre of the house, as it’s where people congregate for meals or for a glass of wine at the end of the day – so it should be a place you want to hang out in. A custom made kitchen is a great option to maximise functionality and storage in a small space and create a welcoming space for you to enjoy.

Work with the space, not against it 

It can be tempting to shove extra shelving on top of your current cabinets or squeeze a bookcase into your small kitchen to store extra cooking equipment – but then you need a stool that just ends up cluttering an already-small room. Instead, consider deeper cupboards with pull-out drawer shelving so you can find what you need. Choosing four burners over six for your stove top will also save space, as will installing a shallow cabinet for oil, vinegar, salt and pepper in front of the exhaust fan.


No, not the car unfortunately… Having space that can convert into other things as you need it means your kitchen can multi-task when you need it most. Extra bench space that pulls out from underneath your existing counter-tops will help when you’re cooking up a storm. Equally as smart is a narrow shelf that pulls out from the gap between the fridge and wall, where you can store spices and canned goods and a rod suspended across the splash-back, where you can hang whisks, spatulas and wooden spoons.

Skip the dishwasher

Full size dishwashers take up a lot of space that could be better utilised in a small kitchen, and while they can be oh-so-convenient when you throw a party, there are rarely enough dishes to fill it on an average night. Washing dishes isn’t necessarily a fun activity, but if you wash as you go and use a drying rack, you’ll find it doesn’t take very long before you can head back to your couch with a glass of wine. If you must have a dishwasher, invest in a half-size one as a helping hand for those days when you just can’t face the endless pile of dishes you’ve somehow created.

Light it up! 

Light colours and great lighting make any space look bigger than it is, yet some people seem to forget this in the kitchen. Apply the same rules you would to a small lounge or bedroom by opting for white, cream, light grey and silver for the majority of your colour scheme and opt for white lighting over warm yellow. If you want to add a little colour, why not consider a bright splash-back if you’re after a contemporary kitchen look, without overwhelming the space.

With all these ideas, there’s no reason to succumb to the idea that you’re stuck with a dinky kitchen unless you upgrade to a larger space.

Creative Design Kitchens has a wide range of kitchen renovation and remodelling options to suit your style and budget. If you’re considering upgrading your kitchen, why not talk to one of our expert consultants today? Call us on 1300 027 337

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