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The European Laundry

You have probably heard of the term “European laundry” lately, if not, it’s basically a laundry incorporated into the kitchen. It’s an idea that’s catching on fast.

In Australia most people have been used to having their laundry as a separate room inside or outside the home. In units, the laundry is usually situated in the basement or on top of the building. This can be quite impractical, particularly if you have small children at home. It certainly makes the chore of washing much less desirable.

But, there is a solution to make this chore much easier. Over the past 5 years or so, it has become increasingly popular to incorporate the laundry into the kitchen.

On several occasions I have had English people who are renovating the kitchen in their home, request a compact laundry with their kitchen. The concept of having laundry facilities in the kitchen is an idea that has come from Europe.

For nearly 10 years now the versatile all in one combo clothes washer and dryer has been on the European market. Here in Australia, we are just a little slower to adopt these fantastic new ideas

Many people doing kitchen renovations are now considering a laundry joined to part of the kitchen to save space. But not only does it save space, it allows you to have a larger kitchen area, which can make a huge difference if you have a limited amount of space for both.

There many ways of designing a laundry, it depends on how much space you have. You can incorporate a separate dryer, sink, washer with bench space and include cabinets and shelves for storage, this can all be disguised behind what would look like a kitchen pantry. However, it all depends on the space available. Where space is limited and every square cm counts than a combo washer dryer is an excellent space saving idea and that can sit close to your sink. The great thing is that the plumbing is already there as part of the kitchen so the cost for the plumbing work is not much extra.

So if you have just bought a unit that has laundry facilities in the basement, then a European Laundry will be the answer for you. It will save time and also the hassle of going up and down steps or lifts with that heavy load of wet laundry.

And another thing to consider is that those basement laundries can get very moist and can attract anything form red back spiders and other insects you don’t want to have as part of your washing experience. And for the people from Europe wanting to live in Sydney and buy property, it’s ok, we can do a “European Laundry”.

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