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THE KITCHEN: Heart & Hub of the House

Thekitchenhas come a long way from the days when it was separated from the rest of the house and its purpose was for cooking only.

Nowadays, with the open plan living areas, thekitchencan be the most versatile and busiest room of the home. Themodern kitchenis not only a spot for making meals but can be a living and dining room. It can be used for the whole family sitting down to dinner or having a quick catch up cuppa with a friend to full on dinner parties. In today’skitchenit may also double up as a laundry area, home office, home work space for the kids and perhaps even an entertainment room fitted out with TV and computer.

So when it comes to designing yournew kitchen, it can be a bit daunting and may find yourself scratching your head for ideas wondering what direction to go in. Ultimately your lifestyle and purpose of the renovation will determine what it is that you want and need in yournew kitchenspace.

Determining your personal or family needs and wants is an important first step in the overall planning process .You can start by asking yourself a few basic questions.

*What do you like about your currentkitchen
*What don’t you like about your currentkitchen
*How many people will be using thekitchen
*How many cooks use thekitchen
*Do you cook often, or mainly purchase convenience meals or takeaways
*Will you keep any of the existing appliances
*Do you need to include laundry facilities
*Are you left or right handed
*Do you like to entertain guests
*Does thekitchenrequire other uses such as a desk area, seating or storage areas
*Do you recycle
*Do you have an idea of what surfaces you like

The answers to these few basic questions will set you in the right direction for what is best for you and yournew kitchen.

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