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Why A Custom Kitchen Is The Best Decision For Your Home

Whether you’re building from the ground up or just looking to do a few internal renovations, the kitchen is often number one on the renovation list, especially as more and more we are starting to see it become the more central room in a family home, overtaking the lounge room. We’re also seeing a rise in open plan housing, to connect the lounge room with the kitchen in order to make it one large family room. If you’re making renovations to an existing home, especially the kind to create open plan living, you may think that buying off-the-plan kitchen fittings will work just fine… but here’s why we think custom kitchens are best.

Works with your space

If you’ve got an awkwardly shaped or sized space and decide to buy something pre-cut, you’ll learn quickly how much of a pain it is to try and fit something that wasn’t designed specifically for the space it was intended to go in. A custom kitchen will be cut and fit to your home’s exact specifications, without having to make any concessions on what style of cabinet or countertop you had in mind.

Uniquely you!

You’re going to have to live in this house right? And that means likely spending a fair amount of time in the kitchen. So why would you settle for something that isn’t 100% exactly what you want? With a custom kitchen, you’re able to create storage to suit your needs, countertops big or small enough to fit your cooking style and create nifty points of difference, such as a narrow cupboard designed for chopping boards, space for a double stacked oven or a feature-coloured splashback in any colour your heart desires.

Install appliances you want

One of the biggest hindrances when installing an out of the box kitchen is that you’re limited in what size ovens, fridges and other appliances you can install. That extra wide, gas oven with a spit roast option that you had your heart set on? It doesn’t fit in between the bench tops. Nor does the two door fridge or your dinner party friendly dishwasher. Working with the space you were given was something you may have put up with in your renting days, but now you’re starting from scratch, why would you make the same kind of unnecessary compromises that past-you hated making? A custom kitchen ensures that the appliances you want suit the space you’re putting them into, no compromises!

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