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Five Essential Aspects of Kitchen Renovation

Sydney Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is an investment in your home and your quality of life. So much more than a ‘facelift’, remodelling a kitchen is the opportunity to change the way you live and ‘work’ in your home, every day of the year.

Before getting swept up in the excitement of making over the most important room in your home, pause to consider these five essential and related stages of your project and you’ll stay on track for the best solution.

1. Budget

Be realistic about how much you’re prepared to spend on your kitchen renovation, keeping in mind it will probably always be the busiest room in the house. Your kitchen will also be a key influence in the sale of your home, should you ever put it on the market.

Knowing where to invest in your new kitchen will help you achieve a practical result. Your strongest needs might be in perfecting a new room layout, building new infrastructure, installing premium quality benchtops for impact as well as durability, quality cabinets  and fixtures and premium appliances. These all form part of the project in varying degrees, depending on the starting point provided by your current kitchen and home design.

2. Planning

When imagining the changes you’ll enjoy in your new kitchen, many of the benefits you’ll be dreaming about are in its improved physical space and how you’ll use it.

Relocating functional areas that have never worked well might involve a new room layout, re-wiring and new plumbing. You might want to improve daily functionality with better natural or artificial light. If a desire to entertain at home more often is driving your kitchen renovation, your planning priority might be creating bigger preparation and serving spaces.

Getting feedback from professionals on one central purpose behind getting a new kitchen will open options and make clear any limitations. An experienced consultant can also guide your planning towards where the most expense and potential disruption might occur while meeting your goals.

3. Custom Requirements

Today’s new kitchens need not fit a standard design to stay on-budget. It’s worth having the conversation with your kitchen designer about your cooking habits or lifestyle, to make sure you really get the most out of your renovation project – and your budget – for the ultimate in customisation.

A great kitchen renovation will include custom features personalised for your daily convenience. For a busy family kitchen, round-edged benchtops, soft-close cabinet doors and drawers, non-skid floors and child-friendly nooks or an island bench for homework and snacking are just some ways your consultant can introduce features to keep everyone safe and make parents’ lives easier.

Features to make the creative home chef’s job a breeze can be designed into your new kitchen, too. Appliance cupboards built to fit your collection of gadgets, oversized pantries, deep pot drawers, six-burner stovetops, non-standard ovens and other professional-style comforts are details worth investing in that you’ll appreciate every day, for years to come.

4. Style

The real fun begins when you know what you want in a new kitchen and the time comes to pull it together with a theme. Choosing an interior style – traditional, country or contemporary – to suit your lifestyle, your tastes, your home decor and your practical needs brings creative joy and excitement that the project is almost ready to start.

Having worked on your budget, goals and determined the customisation you need, the job of deciding on aesthetics, colour, surfaces and finishes becomes easier. You may still be overwhelmed by choice, which is where a kitchen consultant’s expertise can be invaluable in discussing trends and the benefits from among the huge range of options.

5. Quotes & Referrals

Once you’ve made the many decisions required ahead of a kitchen remodelling project, it’s time to get quotes and advice from experienced local contractors.

Look for kitchen designers with the resources to see your job through from concept to completion and for those who put an emphasis on efficient project management as well as quality materials. Personal referrals or testimonials are other important ways to assess a kitchen designer’s credentials before committing to a supplier.

Ready to make your new kitchen dream a reality?

Exploring ways to make your dream kitchen become a reality from the overwhelming choices in design and style can be the fun part of your project, but ultimately, all aspects of your renovation are dictated by your budget and available space. Let the experts help you get the job right first time. Call Creative Design Kitchens today on 1300 027 337 for a free design and quote.

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