Kitchens For The Budget Conscious

As Sydney kitchen renovation suppliers, we get a few enquiries from clients wanting to renovate their kitchen on a budget. Whether the reason is finances or simply to jazz up a tired old kitchen to sell a home, here are some ideas to help minimise cost with a maximum effect!

1. Don’t underestimate laminate. It’s highly durable, comes in a huge array of colour and wood grain finishes and best of all, it’s quite cost effective.

If you’re feeling brave, a fantastic modern look is to team a dark wood grain door along the bottom cabinets with a white door for the top cabinets or vice versa.

One of the major benefits with selecting a laminate door is that we can offer a quick delivery time, you can have your new kitchen in as little as 2 weeks.

2. Choose a square edge laminated benchtop. At our recent home show, we had one of these benchtops on display from the Laminex Diamond Gloss range in the colour Pure Mineralstone, and I had numerous enquiries asking what colour stone we had used.

Laminated benchtops also come in an extremely large variety of colours and finishes, many of which replicate the current stone colours available on the market today.

One of the great benefits of selecting a laminated benchtop is that it is delivered and installed with your cabinets, unlike stone benchtops, which can take up to a further 2 weeks after the kitchen is installed. This means that your kitchen renovation can be completed quite quickly if you’re in a hurry.

3. Stick to cabinets rather than drawers. This is much more cost effective and will leave some extra cash to spend on other luxuries within the kitchen.

4. Tile your kitchen splashback instead of using stone or glass products. A great way to tile your splashback is using extra large tiles, giving a sleeker look similar to stone and you’ll save yourself a good amount of money with this option as well.

5. If you know an electrician or plumber, see if they can help you out with the trades work in your new kitchen, this can also add up to a big save if you happen to know the right people. Always keep in mind that you should use licensed and experienced trades people.

If you can stick to these simple guidelines, I’m sure you will have a gorgeous new kitchen and the best part will be that it can all be done within the budget you’ve allowed.

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