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Sydney is a city rich in multiculturalism, and the kitchens Sydney residents own are varied.
The relative youth of Sydney among the cities of the world has allowed it to take full advantage of internationalism, and this is reflected in its architecture, its people, and of course, in its food.

One needs only take a look at the kitchens Sydney citizens own and realize the diverse mix of cultures that have made this city their home. Woks and cleavers, bamboo steamers and clay pots, tandoors and tajines, and a wide variety of ingredients, many of which have moved out of the “exotic” aisle and into the mainstream. By no means is the cuisine of Sydney monotonous!

Australians have a reputation for being a sporty, outdoorsy lot, and so when it comes to kitchens, Sydney has outdoor options too. Nothing beats a good barbeque, with food cooking on crackling coals and cold beers at hand. And it’s not just shrimp on the barbie! Outdoor ovens are excellent for long-cooking stews and other potted dishes. They also make for some delicious old-fashioned bread, and more authentic pizzas and other baked goods. Wood-fired ovens give food a richness of flavour that just can’t be beat by electric or gas-powered ovens.

When not in the mood for cooking, Sydney is home to hundreds of excellent restaurants and cafes. The modern kitchens Sydney chefs operate are state-of-the-art machines, equipped with stainless steel and aluminium surfaces, razor-sharp knives and the latest in technology and appliances. Though possessive of an industrial bearing, the quality of cuisine they produce is second-to-none.

Of course, a Sydney homeowner in want of a new kitchen or kitchen renovation probably doesn’t have the same needs as a restauranteer, but may be after one or two high-tech or unusual ‘extras’ to set their kitchen apart. To fully consider the options available, please contact the friendly experts at Creative Design Kitchens, and we promise to make your dream kitchen a reality!

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