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The Markers of Modern Kitchens

If you are looking to renovate your old kitchen or build one from scratch, then why not go with the sleek appeal of a contemporary kitchen? There are lots of advantages to having a modern kitchen. We’ll go over a just a few of them today.

Firstly, modern kitchens have lots of metal surfaces, making them durable, attractive and easy to clean. Metallic finishes go beyond appliances like stovetops, ovens, and refrigerators, to countertops, cupboard doors and splashbacks. Modern kitchens have become more elegant and subdued since a few decades ago, when bright and shiny chrome was all the rage. Chrome is still present in some popular modern kitchen designs, but it is not as prominent as brushed steel or aluminium. These modern materials give off a textured look while retaining smoothness and elegance.

Another advantage to a modern kitchen design is that it does away with needlessly complicated surface areas. Any housewife can tell you what a pain it is to have to clean up the kitchen, especially if there are lots of nooks and crannies to worry about. Ornate carvings and relief design elements went out with the last century, so embrace the convenience and simplicity of plain, smooth kitchen surfaces.

An excellent feature that you’ll find in most well-constructed modern kitchens is the super-smooth drawer action. It is easy to take our kitchen drawers for granted, but they’re crucial for a clean and organized food preparation area. When you have drawers that open and close smoothly, then you avoid frustration – and frustration is a bad thing to have in a place with sharp objects and hot surfaces!

Lastly, a great practical advantage to having a modern kitchen is the apparent abundance of countertop space. This minimalist look is made possible by smart planning, execution, and use of the various storage areas in the kitchen. Drying racks that slide away under the counter, for example – you can use the freed-up space for a small wine rack or tastefully decorative fruit bowl. Put away the mundane things and use your countertop space for the more interesting objects and appliances.

For more information on finding the right modern kitchen design for you, call to speak with Creative Design Kitchens today!

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