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Why New Kitchens are Better Than Family Holidays

New kitchens are hotter than Easter eggs right now. Whether they want to admit it or not, every woman wants a new kitchen. It doesn’t matter how new their current kitchen is, they want a newer one. And there’s a good reason for this too. Everyday,...
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The kitchen splashback is a topic I’d like to make mention of today. It’s an important finish to any new kitchen and can sometimes be overlooked and understated. I think a classy splashback definitely completes the look of your new kitchen...
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Go With The Flow….in the KITCHEN

There are many ways to layout your kitchen. Whatever layout you decide to choose, it’s important you consider the natural flow of your kitchen. Well…what do I mean by “flow”? I am talking about the way you do things in the kitchen...
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The European Laundry

You have probably heard of the term “European laundry” lately, if not, it’s basically a laundry incorporated into the kitchen. It’s an idea that’s catching on fast. In Australia most people have been used to having their laundry...